Zane Gray's Vegetable Seasoning, Multiple Sizes

Zane Gray's Barcode: 860003454916

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Have you had your vegetables today?  THE ZANE GRAY'S WAY!

We have created a great way for you to never eat BLAND vegetables again!

All you need is Zane Gray's Vegetable Seasoning, an ALL-PURPOSE, ALL-IN-ONE bottle of seasoning.

Low sodium, plant based and gluten free

You do not need to use any other spices in your cabinet anymore, this one bottle is all you need!

It is great on raw & cooked vegetables. Even try it on your salad WITHOUT salad dressing for a great way to stay away from the calories and fat and still have a great taste!

Even kids who do not like eating vegetables are enjoying it!

Since we have been selling it, everyone is using it on EVERYTHING!

Meats, Seafood, Fruits, French Fries, Eggs, Grits, Popcorn, Potato Salad, Soups, Vegan and Vegetarian Meals


Zane Gray's Seasoning is a proud member of Got To Be NC Agriculture and is happy to be representing the agricultural industry in this great state. 

We want everyone to know goodness grows in NC.


Zane & Akilah Marks are the former owners of Monifa's Southern Food & Catering in Sanford, NC. Zane was the Owner/Executive Chef and Akilah was the Owner/General Manager/Finance. Zane created the vegetable seasoning and used it in the restaurant and it was a hit! Akilah worked in the front of the restaurant and saw what people were saying and how they were reacting to the vegetables. When they decided to close the restaurant down. Akilah sat down on the computer and came up with the design of the bottle and the logo and brought what Zane created to life. She told him he created something special that the world needed to taste and they have been selling their seasoning since February 2015!