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Vejibag is a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, for storing and preserving vegetables in the refrigerator. Stow all kinds of moisture-loving greens, carrots, celery, etc. to keep fresh and crisp for up to two weeks, by providing a humid environment that also breathes.

  • Made from pure, non-toxic, un-dyed Organic Cotton

  • French terry knit

  • All materials grown, milled, and produced in the U.S.

  • Reusable, washable, durable, lasts for years


*Our newest Vejibag is here! Many of you have mentioned that it would be helpful to have a Vejibag that lends itself specifically to herb storage and this new bag has been created with that in mind. Our new 2-Pocket Vejibag has been designed with side by side pockets, making it perfect for storing herb bunches as well as other smaller produce. We have of course used our signature US Grown Organic heavy french terry in the fabrication of these new bags, which were handcrafted in partnership with our worker owned facilities in NC. We are excited for you to try them out!*