Tovolo 3-in-1 Egg Tool

Tovolo SKU: 17012-000 Barcode: 010591067658

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The dual-ended Egg Tool flips, scoops, and whisks your eggs, so you can serve up breakfast just how you like it. Dual-purpose hooked end whisks yolks and whites for perfectly fluffy scrambles and the nylon hook cradles shells, perfect for fishing hard- or soft-boiled eggs out of hot water. Use the flat end to spread eggs evenly in the pan for the perfect omelet, then slide the tapered edge under the yolks for sunny-side-up serving.

  • Hook end great for whisking up scrambled eggs
  • Turner end gives your omelet the perfect flip
  • Hook end easily removes boiled eggs from hot water
  • Slim profile for easy drawer storage
  • Comfortable non-slip comfort grip