Tipsy Coasters I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings Coaster

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Tipsy Coasters flaunt crisp graphics and sayings on super absorbent, natural limestone tiles that add flair to function.

Whether you like to laugh out loud or accessorize with sophistication, Tipsy Coasters has a sentiment for everyone.

Our premium limestone tiles are custom quarried and printed with high-resolution images that can be hand-washed without wear.

This stone is all natural and super absorbent. A cork backing is added to keep your drinks steady as a rock, even when you're not!

Do away with flimsy, water-soaked drink coasters and replace them with strong, solid Tipsy Coasters! All coasters are 1/4" thick natural limestone.

Add some humor, relaxation, and a smile to your home, patio, beach, or vacation getaway by choosing Tipsy Coasters.

Based In Largo, Florida

Handmade in the USA in small batches

4" x 4" w x 0.5" h