The London Sip Stainless Steel Espresso Maker, Multiple Sizes, Silver

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Size: 6 cup
  • ♨ IMAGINE DRINKING BARISTA QUALITY, ITALIAN INSPIRED ESPRESSO IN YOUR OWN HOME - Upgrade Your Coffee Drinking Experience with Double-Filtered Espresso from the Best Stovetop Espresso Maker.
  • ♨ AUTHENTIC ITALIAN ESPRESSO MAKER, UPGRADED WITH A MODERN BRITISH TWIST - We’ve enhanced the traditional aluminium Italian Moka Pot with this Modern Premium Stainless Steel Variation.
  • ♨ COFFEE ENTHUSIASTS EVERYWHERE ENJOY THE PURE RICH COFFEE FLAVOUR, WITH NO METALLIC TASTE - Unlike Cheaper Aluminium Models, which can Leave a Nasty Metal Taste in Your Mouth (and may even pose a health risk), Our High Quality Stainless Steel Material will make Clean, Great-tasting Coffee for Years to Come (Or Your Money Back!).
  • ♨ ENJOY THE EASE OF MAKING PERFECT ESPRESSO AT ONCE, FOR YOUR FAMILY OR GUESTS TO ENJOY - Whether it’s a pot of coffee to kick-start your day, or an after dinner treat for your guests, enjoy 6 glorious cups of bold, rich espresso every time.
  • ♨ HEAT PROOF, EXTRA LARGE HANDLE AND STEAM SAFETY VALVE GIVES YOU PEACE OF MIND - Protect Yourself Against Burns with our Extra Large, Outward Facing Handle which Keeps Your Fingers Well Away from the Hob.

Enjoy a Bold, Rich Espresso - Brought to you by the London Sip

At the London Sip Company, Our Mission is to Provide YOU with the Highest Quality Tools to Produce Cafe-Quality Coffee from the Comfort of your Own Home.

We have Designed the Perfect Stovetop Coffee Maker, Crafted from the Finest Quality Stainless Steel, to be Used for both Traditional and Induction Stovetop Hobs. Unlike Traditional Italian Moka Pots which often left a Metallic Taste in our Mouths due to Corrosion of the Aluminium from which they are Constructed, We have Brought the Stovetop Coffee Pot up to date, with a Modern, Rust-Proof, Non-Corroding Stainless Steel Construction, so you can enjoy Pure-Tasting Espresso for Many Years to Come.

Portable and Great for Travel

Enjoy Great Coffee on the Road, simply place on a small gas camping stove to enjoy a superb coffee wherever you find yourself!

Gas, electric, ceramic and induction stovetop compatible

3 cup makes three 1.5 oz cups of espresso

6 cup makes six 1.5 oz cups of espresso

10 cup makes ten 1.5 oz cups of espresso