Mrs. Anderson's Baking Tart Tamper

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Mrs. Anderson's Tart Tamper is specially designed to form beautiful tarts, mini pie crust, and cookies in just minutes. Whether using frozen dough or homemade crust from scratch, this life-changing addition to baking tools and kitchen gadgets creates dozens of professional-looking pastry shells quickly and easily, and helps cut food preparation time in half.
No more rolling out pie crust that cracks or patching holes in pastry dough. It presses puff pastry, phyllo dough, graham cracker crust into a tart mold for mini cheesecakes, forms denser dough for pecan tassies, and cookie dough for shortbread cookies, pecan sandies and traditional Spanish cookies known as polvoron, make an apple tart or fruit tart recipe, or tart crust for mini pies and savory recipes, like mini chicken pot pies, mini quiche, onion tart, mushroom tart, asparagus tart, and so much more.
And, it's easy as pie to use! For prettier tarts with flawless edges, simply roll a small ball of dough by hand until it's mostly smooth, then place it into a tart pan or mini muffin pan. Dust the working end of the tamper with flour to keep it from sticking, and press it down into the dough. Continue until dough covers the bottom and sides of the pan evenly. Use the Tamper end to neaten crust edges before baking. Mrs Anderson's dual-sided Tart Tamper works perfectly with both large and small baking pans (larger end measures 1.75-inches, smaller end 1.375-inches). Made from beautiful hardwood. Durable and scratch free. Safe for use with nonstick bakeware.
Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Hand wash in warm, soapy water as necessary.