Spicewalla Fancy Finishing Salts Collection, 3 Pack

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We’re not salty, but we’re verrry into our Fancy Finishing Salts Collection

Our Herb Salt elevates roasted veggies and poultry while our Chilli Salt adds a spicy twist to your next flour dredge. A couple dashes of our Garlic Ginger Salt will add richness to tofu stir fries and pork shish kabobs alike! 

Herb Salt, 2 oz

Ever daydream about having an herb garden in your kitchen? Our Herb Salt is the next best thing. With Sicilian sea salt, thyme, basil, sage, and dill weed, you’ll get that herbal flavour you’re looking for - no weeding required!

Ingredients: Sicilian Sea Salt, Thyme, Basil, Sage, and Dill Weed

Chilli Salt, 2 oz

This sensationally spicy Chilli Salt blend will kick the heat (and flavour) up a notch. With kosher salt, beautifully bold Calabrian chilli flakes, smoked paprika and Kashmiri chilli powder, you’ll be finishing sizzling steaks or piping hot popcorn in style! 

Ingredients: Kosher Salt, Calabrian Chilli Flakes, Smoked Paprika, Kashmiri Chilli Powder

Ginger Garlic Salt, 2 oz

Love the taste of ginger and garlic but hate all the peeling? We’ve gotcha covered (and sprinkled).

Ingredients: Kosher Salt, Minced Garlic, Ginger Powder.

Made in United States of America