Silicone Lid Lifters, Set of 3 Sheep

Tovolo SKU: 81-4436 Barcode: 848113004436

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  • PREVENT WATER BOILING OVER: Lid lifters raise the lids off of pots and pans while the ingredients simmer, minimizing the chance of water, sauce, tea, soup, or anything else boiling over.
  • INCREASE AIR CIRCULATION: By giving the sauce, pasta water, vegetables, or other ingredients room to breathe, the steam can escape, reducing the chances of water boiling over and onto your stovetop. The gap also allows cooler air to enter the mixture, regulating the temperature of your food for more even cooking.
  • MULTI-USE BUDDIES: These buddies do more than protect your food! They also make great tea buddies, holding the string on the tea bag to prevent it from sliding into the hot water.
  • CUTE SILICONE ANIMALS: The set of 3 ensures you always have a buddy to cook with! These cute silicone animals add a bit of fun and whimsy to weeknight dinners or cups of tea at work. The silicone is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can include them in cooking experiments without worry. The soft silicone also will not scratch metal, glass, or ceramic dishes.
  • EASY CARE: Dishwasher-safe silicone