Rabbit Super Aerator

Rabbit SKU: W6127N Barcode: 022578105840

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Aerating your wine is a secret to making a more drinkable and flavorful glass of wine. Allowing wine time to breathe enhances wine's flavor, but when you don't have time to wait, an aerator can provide oxygen to the wine more quickly. The Super Aerator allows you to pour the wine from the bottle straight to the glass improving the wine's flavor on the way. It sits securely in the bottle and its sleek design will be a welcomed addition to your wine tool collection. Simply uncork your wine, insert the Super Aerator, and pour a perfectly aerated glass of your favorite wine.

  • Securely fits all wine bottle types
  • Drip free pouring
  • Improves flavor and bouquet
  • Hand wash only
  • 10 year warranty