Fantes Cousin Marko's 14 inch Pizza Peel

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Fantes Cousin Marko's 14-inch Pizza Peel is the ideal helper for making pizza at home. The secret to the lightest, crispiest crust is using a hot oven, pizza stone, or grill rack. With a long natural wooden handle that stays cool to the touch, Fantes Pizza Peel transports ready-made or homemade pizzas safely and keeps hands and arms away from heat. Make cheese pizza, pepperoni and veggie pizza, or paleo pizza, cauliflower crust, and gluten free pizza, or transfer artisan breads, rolls, biscuits, flatbreads, casserole and baking dishes to and from the oven. Simply sprinkle the surface of the paddle with cornmeal or flour to keep dough from sticking. Slip the paddle's front beveled edge under the constructed pizza, then slide the pizza into the hot oven or grill. Once pizza is cooked, slip the paddle back under the pizza and carefully take it out from the oven. Made from natural New Zealand pine, Fante's Pizza Peel is sturdy, durable, and wipes clean with a dry cloth or can be rinsed under warm water without any soap, as that may leave a trace scent. Air dry thoroughly then hang to store. Do not leave Pizza Peel in the hot oven or allow it to come in contact with direct flame. Use it for transporting purposes only. Instructions and Fante's family recipe included. Fante's, the Italian Market Original since 1906.