Mechanical Timer

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Ensure consistency and accuracy with this CDN MTM3 mechanical 60 minute kitchen timer. Burnt or overcooked food not only hurts your reputation, but it also costs you money. With this CDN mechanical timer you can be sure to thoroughly cook food without burning it. Perfect for restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, or pizzerias, this timer helps you create even, consistent baked goods or dishes.

Capable of counting up to 60 minutes, this timer takes the guesswork out of remembering how long food has been in the oven, how long dough has been proofing, or if it's time to take your dessert creations out of the freezer. The sloped design allows you to see the time remaining and the easy-to-turn knob has a pointed end so you can set the desired time. Plus, this timer's long 3-second alarm will catch your attention in loud, busy kitchen environments. For added convenience, this timer can stand on its own or hang around your kitchen where you need it most.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 3"
Depth: 2 1/4"
Height: 3 5/8"