Kuhn Rikon COLORI®+ Paring Knife Set, Straight & Serrated

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Colori®+ knives perform flawlessly in every kitchen with their sharp blades, secure-grip handles and lightweight design, making all your kitchen prep tasks a breeze.

This Prep Set contains a paring knife and serrated paring knife, making it the perfect combo to help you prep like a pro.

Each knife has an ultra-sharp, hand-sharpened, double-beveled blade with a silicone non-stick coating, this ensures the knives cut easily and precisely without any food sticking to the blades.

The secure-grip handles have finger guards to keep your hands safe when cutting.

The matching sheaths are great for safe storage in your drawer and mean the knives can be easily and safely transported outside of the home for camping, picnics and travel.
Paring knife - an all-purpose knife for fruit, vegetables and cheese
Serrated paring knife - perfect for slicing bread, tomatoes and soft fruit
Ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel blades
Non-stick coatings to glide through food with ease
Non-slip grips with finger guards
Safety sheaths for storage and for safe use outside of the home

  • Handy all-purpose knives - can handle all your kitchen prep-tasks.
  • Paring Knife: perfect for slicing cheese for your sandwich, peeling an apple or chopping vegetables.
  • Serrated Paring Knife: perfect for slicing bread, tomatoes and soft fruits.
  • Ultra-sharp Japanese stainless steel blades.
  • Blades stay super sharp.
  • Silicone based nonstick coating ensures food will release easily from blade.
  • Safety sheaths included.
  • Warning: Not for children - blade is sharp. Store with protective sheath. Improper use may result in injury.

Use & Care

  • Dishwasher suitable, washing by hand is recommended