Ironwood Gourmet Acacia Townhouse Tea Box

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A perfect treat for all tea lovers

This large townhouse tea box features five compartments for easy tea assortment. Made of gorgeous acacia hardwood, this tea box is functional and beautiful due to its rich, shimmering colors.

Larger than your average tea box, it's designed to hold gourmet tea bags. Its attractive design will add a nice, warm touch and organization to any kitchen.

Decorative functionality at its finest

Use & Care

Hand wash in warm, soapy water and thoroughly rinse with clean water. Do not soak. To dry, prop up off of counter to allow all surfaces to air dry evenly.

Wood products should never be washed in the dishwasher. After drying, rejuvenate and protect the wood by rubbing it down with butcher block oil. Apply liberally and allow to soak in thoroughly before use. Regular application will prevent cracking and preserve the rich natural colors of the wood.

• Made in Thailand