HIC Potato & Onion Saver Bag Set, Set of 2

HIC SKU: 93269 Barcode: 781723932693

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HIC Kitchen's set of 2 Reusable Potato and Onion Saver Bags are an invaluable addition for preserving produce and keeping it fresh longer. Crafted from breathable fabric with light-blocking technology, they keep contents in the dark to prevent them from sprouting for weeks at a time. For best results, store at room temperature. Each bag features a unique side zipper that allows their contents to be easily rotated (first-in, first-out) for optimal freshness. Simply load up the Saver Bags through the top opening and store away on the counter or in the pantry. Open the side zipper, remove items as needed, and rezip. To refill the bags, open the drawstring and reload, then close them again. The bags are reusable to help reduce the use of plastic bags for less waste.
Made from polycotton with nylon zippers and cotton drawstrings, HIC Kitchen's Potato and Onion Saver Bags are LFGB-approved, food contact (EN71) and flammability certified, hand washable, hangable to air dry, and compact for easy storage.
Set includes 1 each potato and onion bag, each measuring 15 x 11-inch.