HIC Kitchen Creme Brulee/Quiche Dish, Round, 5in

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    HIC's Round Creme Brulee Dish is specially designed for making creme brulee and other single-serving recipes.
    Creme brulee, meaning burnt cream, is a rich and creamy custard topped with a delicate layer of caramelized or burnt sugar.
    Specially designed for use in the oven and under the broiler (to 500-degrees Fahrenheit), HIC's Creme Brulee Dishes are the perfect porcelain bakeware for tart shells, mini pies, and mini cakes, or for baked mac and cheese, mini pot pies and quiche.
    Their beautifully fluted edges automatically create decorative crusts without any fuss. They perform equally well as serveware for dipping sauces and condiments at breakfast, lunch or brunch, holiday meals, party buffets, and for outdoor entertaining.
    A tradition since 1957, HIC Fine White Porcelain Bakeware and Serveware is safe for use in the microwave, oven, broiler, and freezer. It won't transfer odors, colors or flavors between uses.
    Dishwasher safe so cleanup is a breeze.
    Capacity 7 oz