HIC Kitchen Bamboo Glass Brush

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HIC's Bamboo Glass Brush for cleaning taller glassware, barware, vases, and so much more. Scrubs everything clean but won't scratch non-stick surfaces. The longer handle reaches into taller glassware easily and allows for added leverage for vigorous scrubbing tasks. Varnished handle seals water out to protect bamboo from mold. HIC's Glass Brush makes cleanup a snap. The soft yet sturdy foam tip washes glass clean without scratching the surface. Economical, reusable, and wear-and-tear resistant for more cleanings with less waste. Hangs for easy storage. Made from natural bamboo with recycled plastic bristles and sponge tips, it's lightweight, strong, and less absorbent than wood. Safe for use on nonstick cookware. Although bamboo is technically a grass, its tensile strength is comparable to that of steel, making it extremely strong and durable. It regenerates through a vast root system without need of replanting and boasts a record-breaking growth rate that surpasses any other known plant. For these reasons, bamboo is considered among the world's greatest renewable resources and the alternative used over traditional materials in products for more sustainable living. Rinse clean between uses and air dry.