Hexa 5-Divider Expandable Silverware Tray, Stone Gray

Spectrum SKU: A26376 Barcode: 010591066170

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Tidy up drawers throughout the home with Spectrum's HEXA™ Drawer Organizers and Silverware Trays (available in expandable and non-expandable versions). HEXA's functional design makes the organizers do the dirty work: the fashionable hexagons make it easy to clean out unwanted dust, crumbs, and dirt. The debris falls through the open hexagons and into the base of the drawer, keeping it away from your clean dishes and allowing for easy cleanup. To remove, simply lift the organizer out of the drawer and wipe it away. Use the functional design and contemporary sensibility of HEXA Drawer Organization to neaten up your kitchen utensils, cocktail accessories, and more. Keep drawers clean; use HEXA!

10" x 13"
Expands up to 16.75"