Hario V60 Metal Dripper 02

Hario SKU: VDMR-02-HSV Barcode: 4977642724129

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Hario V60 Metal Coffee Dripper 02 Copper – Brew Delicious Coffee At Home or On-The-Go

If you enjoy orchestrating the entire coffee brewing process yourself, then the V60 metal copper dripper is for you. The metal V60 dripper holds the heat extremely well and is very durable, making it an ideal brewing tool for home-use and travelling. The V60 metal dripper makes an excellent gift to someone who loves drinking great tasting coffee.

Cone Shape

V60 coffee dripper shape is not an accident. The 60 degree V shape is optimal for the ground coffee extraction.

Single Hole

V60 dripper hole in the middle allows the brewer to be in complete control. The brewer is able to choose the flow of the pour-over on the coffee grounds and brewing duration. This means that you can make the same delicious cup of coffee or alter brewing time and experiment.

Spiral Ribs

The purpose of the spiral ribs in not just for the beauty of it. The spiral rib design is backed up with science again. The reason why all V60 drippers have the spiral ribs is because it allows the filter paper to create enough space for the air to escape, which maximises the expansion of your coffee.