Groovy Pop Molds, Set of 6

Tovolo SKU: 22076-502 Barcode: 010591079675

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Make enough popsicles for the whole family with the Groovy Pop Molds popsicle tray! Simply blend up your ingredients, pour into the molds, freeze, and enjoy the perfectly formed frozen pops! For best results, run the molds under warm water to release the silicone before removal. The fill line and fully enclosed lid promote mess-free popsicle creation with no leaks in the freezer. When the time comes to enjoy these homemade popsicles (or frozen adult beverages,) the long handles with built-in drip guards ensure minimal spills. An innovative, slimline tray is designed to take up minimal space in the freezer, preserving space for your other frozen goods. With enough room to create six popsicles, you can be sure no one will be left out when enjoying these frozen treats!

  • Make Detailed Shapes: Use this popsicle mold crafting tray with popsicle sticks to create six detailed, groovy-shaped frozen treats!
  • Slimline Tray: Arriving with six popsicle sticks in a slimline tray, this popsicle making tray features a slim profile for space-saving storage in the freezer; make more than enough popsicles for everyone, but save room for your other frozen goods!
  • More is Better: Make enough popsicles for the whole family; this frozen treat crafting tray features enough room and popsicle sticks to create six groovy, whimsical popsicles at once!
  • No Drips: Crafted with long handles that feature built-in drip guards, these popsicle molds allow kids to enjoy frozen treats without the mess or clean-up.
  • Simple to Use: An integrated fill-line and fully enclosed lid prevents spills and lets the kids help make pops using their favorite flavors!
  • Dimensions & Care: Measures 2.9” W x 9.1” L x 6.5” H. To clean, simply put these Groovy Pop Molds in the dishwasher or clean with soap and warm water.