Gripstic General Purpose Handle

Gripstic Barcode: 14871193

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GRIPSTIC General Purpose Handle is a must have for your home, garage, camping or boating activities. Our patented slide and seal technology locks in freshness by securing the entire opening of your bags. 

A great food saver, GRIPSTIC General Purpose Handle is superior to other chip clips or bag clips. This reusable plastic sealing rod prevents moisture and bugs from getting in your food. 

Eliminate kitchen and garage clutter and keep your pantry neat and organized.  The original GRIPSTIC General Purpose Handle holds up to 50lbs and is easy to use and easy to store. 

Works great on large family size chip bags, snack bags, cereal bags, fresh and frozen foods, dry goods, rice bags, food saver bags and much more!

Also perfect for garage items such as bird seed, potting soil, rock salt and more!