Flour Sack Dish Towel: Buy Local

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We know that the fruits and vegetables bought at the Framers Market seem juicier and more flavorful, right? And we know that carbon footprints are to be avoided, right? And we like supporting our neighborhood farmers and small businesses, right? So doesn't it just make sense to buy locally?

We love our Albuquerque Downtown Growers Market and have made many friends there over the years. It is far more than a place to buy fresh farm produce; you can find wonderful crafts and clothes, listen to live music, have lunch, or enjoy a paleta (Mexican popsicle) while you sit on the grass in the shade! In Albuquerque the market is a Saturday morning destination for the whole family! Oh yes, and your dog, he/she is welcome too! This cotton dish towel will cheer up any kitchen and any dog-lover!  Who wouldn't want a towel with a dog on it?

 Our team of screen printers pins, prints, cures, folds, and tags each towel with care.  With 101 uses, these versatile towels are highly absorbent, lightweight, and won’t leave lint on your glassware. Our customers swear by them! They’ll make a colorful addition to any home and when you shop with Kei & Molly you'll be supporting our mission of creating solid jobs for refugees and immigrants.