EVO Ultra Fine Mist Sprayer, 10oz

Evo SKU: 8119 Barcode: 042854300745

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Evo Kitchen Non-Aerosol Mist Sprayer easily dispenses liquids in a fine mist without harmful propellants or aerosols. Its 10-ounce capacity holds enough to assist around the kitchen and the entire house. Perfect for spraying fruit wash, air fresheners, cleaning products, misting plants, and more. It makes household chores and cleaning easier! Evo Mist allows complete control over the delivery of its contents. Every pull of the trigger delivers a precise amount consistently in a unique continuous spray pattern to cover more surface without clogs, drips, or the use of propellants. Easier and more reliable to use than a traditional spray bottles. No pumping, priming, or messy, clogged spray dispensers! Simply fill and firmly pull the trigger for consistent, even coverage. Made from plastic, Evo is durable and recyclable. Stows easily in the kitchen cabinet. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Not intended for oil, vinegar, or other food items.