Embrew Tea Summer Peach Rooibos Sweetened Herbal Tea bags

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It's summer, your favorite time of year. There's adventure, late sunsets, swimming, and all the iced tea you can drink! The smell of ripe peaches are in the air and the thought of what that means just makes you happy. 

This non-caffeinated seasonal peach herbal blend is mixed with an unoxidized green rooibos and combined with a touch of organic raw cane sugar for the perfect summer tea enjoyed iced or hot. To cold brew this blend, check out our article on the perfect method.

Brew Instructions: 10-12oz Water 212°F 5-6 minutes

Contents: 10 tea bags; makes 20 cups (steeping twice)



Ingredients: Raw organic cane sugar, rooibos, Apple Pieces, Rose Hips, Natural Peach Flavor, Pineapple Pieces, Lemon Verbena, Chamomile & Apricots. 

Made in Asheville, North Carolina
Women Owned

Who is Embrew?

Our Founder, Ashley, realized she wanted more tea time (and me-time) and was determined to eliminate the hassle and guesswork of choosing from the infinite types of teas and sweeteners out there, and how to get a perfect brew every time. 
Embrew products aren't just a simple black tea with cane sugar. They are loose leaf grade teas from small farms processed with care and combined with a touch of smoked demerara sugargranulated maplehoney granules or organic sugar to bring the cup to life.

We blend the products ourselves and take pride in maintaining the integrity of the quality, whether it's our green oolong from Taiwan or our black tea from Nepal, we treat the ingredients with care.

We source our teas from different farms all over the world. The world is a huge place, but by buying directly from growers who we know by name, we’ve brought the human connection back into the process. Buying Direct-Trade products allows transparency into the supply chain and ensures the farmers are respecting the land, the plants and the people working hard to make a living. This means our customers have visibility as well so you can feel good about the farms you're supporting.


Most companies boast high-quality tea, but as we all know, it’s certainly a matter of taste.


Here’s what we DON'T do:  

1) We DON'T used overly processed, shredded, low-quality tea leaves. 
2) We DON'T buy our products only knowing the country of origin where farming practices may be questionable for the environment or for human consumption.
3) We DON'T used bleached brew bags. Only unbleached bags with no tag, string or staple to reduce waste and allow for composting.

We DO use high-quality tea leaves from growers with careful farming practices and use all compostable or biodegradable packaging.