Ela's Favorite Silicone Spatula

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Color: Green
Ela's Favorite Silicone Spatula

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  • ONLY THE BEST FOR YOUR KITCHEN: Ela’s Silicone Spatula can be used to mix or stir thick batters, yet be flexible enough for scraping sauces or scrambling eggs.
  • ELA’S SPATULAS AND SPOONS: Available in a variety of colors, Ela’s spatulas and spoons are the perfect addition to your go-to baking tools.
  • SAFE TO USE: Made of BPA free silicone for safe cooking. Includes a soft, ergonomically comfortable handle.
  • GREAT FOR COOKING: Sturdy construction with a hole in handle for easy storage.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Simply put your silicone spatula through the dishwasher for easy cleaning.