CLEARANCE Desktop Architecture Hewn Candleholder, Single

Desktop Architecture Barcode: 80923611

Color: Grey

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Even a simple column, the most basic structural component of a building, can be expressive. The design of this candle holder set was inspired by ancient building techniques, where large stones were shaped to form monolithic pillars. Each way you chose to arrange this holder offers a different visual exchange between forms, creating a unique ‘space’ for your table-scape.

These are specifically designed to accept "Standard Taper" candles (7/8" diameter), with an extra-deep hole to ensure your candles fit securely and stand straight.

Each comes with cork pads pre-applied to help protect your surfaces.

- Base: 2 1/4” Square
- Height: 8”
- Hole Diameter: 7/8”
- Weight: 2 lbs. each
- Single Candleholder

These candle holders are cast from an original design - first drawn and constructed by hand with precision drafting tools, then carefully sculpted and meticulously assembled. Each piece is then cast in small batches, guaranteeing consistent finish quality and material properties. After curing, two layers of food-grade countertop sealer are applied for added protection and longevity.

While every measure is taken to ensure a consistent result, the final color and appearance will differ slightly from what is pictured here. The character of a concrete casting is such that no two batches are alike. The unique surface texture, color and imperfections are qualities we celebrate about this dynamic material.

*To clean, wipe with a wet rag then dry.