de Buyer Prima Matera Copper Stew Pan, multiple sizes

de Buyer SKU: 6242.20 Barcode: 3011246242205

Size: 8" (3.5 qt.)

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Copper cookware is essential for the serious chef. Copper heats and cools within seconds and its excellent conductivity ensures quick and even heat distribution throughout the whole pan, a must-have for delicate preparations such as sauces and reductions in the French style. These handcrafted pots and pans blend versatility and usability with the high-quality materials that professional chefs love. 

de Buyer's copper and stainless-steel lines marry quality with convenience. The copper outside the pan conducts exceptional heat distribution, ensuring dinner is cooked to perfection. The stainless-steel interior allows for easy care and quick clean-up and guarantees durability while protecting your food from the elements of copper. Their copper pans are an investment that will withstand years’ worth of delicious meals and entertaining.

de Buyer's crème de la crème Prima Matera line features induction cooking capacities. These heavy-duty pans are 90% hand-polished copper and 10% stainless-steel and feature riveted ergonomic cast stainless-steel handles for effortless movement. What makes the Prima Matera line distinct is our innovative ferro-magnetic bottom, primed for induction cooking or any cooking surface.