Dancing Pepper Hot Sauce Company Bachata Hot Sauce

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A Hot Sauce Crafted with Chocolate, Bourbon, and Habanero Peppers with just the right amount of ~ heat~

Our flagship flavor! 

The Bachata is one of the most romantic dances in the world.

Our hot sauce aims to capture that passion by combining chocolate and bourbon, then kicking it up with habanero heat. 

Spicy, smoky, and sweet...just like the Bachata dance itself!

Pairs well with a wide variety of foods...try it on everything!

Locally owned out of Charlotte, NC

This sauce gives off the aroma of chocolate, cinnamon, peppers, and a lingering bourbon. The consistency of this one is on the thicker side of medium with some skins and seeds throughout. The flavor on this one is chocolate upfront and throughout, the bourbon and vanilla comes through in the middle with a lingering cinnamon, and the sauce ends with a bit of smokey chili. The heat on this one gets you on the tongue with the heat coming in after the flavors.

Taste: 9 - Extraordinary
Wow this one was really amazing! It brings a bunch of flavors that I love and just layers them brilliantly. The flavors of the chocolate, vanilla, bourbon, and cinnamon really blended together at the beginning of the sauce to give you a nice complex flavor that just worked. Once that initial sweetness died down you get a nice bit of smokiness that really rounded off the sauce perfectly. Loved the flavor so much on this one and if I had to knit pick something to justify not giving it higher it would be that I wish the texture was slightly smoother. Overall wonderful sauce that I could honestly just eat by the spoonful!

Heat: 3 - Mild Medium

This sauce does have some heat to it, but it comes in after the flavors. The heat that you do get lingers on the tongue for a few minutes after the initial build giving a nice bit of sting from the habaneros. The heat doesn’t build too much and should be approachable to a majority of people that can handle some spice in their food.

Our Bachata Hot Sauce is made with bourbon extract, and does not contain alcohol