Cucina Aurora Garlic and Italian Herb Risotto, 5 oz

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Our NEW Garlic and Italian Herb Risotto mix bring authentic Italian cuisine to your table in just minutes! Creamy and Flavorful our Risotto mixes are perfect for cooking up something special in just 20 minutes. We use only Arborio rice native to Italy.

Garlic can be traced back to being grown in places like ancient Egypt where there have been images found of people making offerings to their Gods of this species of onion. Garlic works like magic on our immune systems to protect us from viruses, and has been found to protect us from heart disease and high cholesterol levels in some studies. But did you know that Garlic’s reputation for healing and warding off illness was the root of such folklore as protection from, and banishing of evil spirits?

All of our Risottos are Gluten Free and contain NO MSG, artificial preservatives or ingredients, AND they are Vegan friendly!