Beechwood 18" Extra Heavy Large Spoon w/Large Spoon Head

Pacific Merchants SKU: BCH528 Barcode: 783475495280

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Pacific Merchants offers this heavier, larger version of the classic French wood spoon. The heft, length, and larger bowl makes this wood spoon perfect for tackling larger dishes that require bigger pots and pans. The solid wood handle promises a comfortable, feel-good grip that won?t absorb heat and burn your hand.

French wood spoons have a rich history and an important place in culinary culture. All our French wood utensils are lovingly hand-crafted and imported from France, and thus are of the highest quality and beauty. Wood spoons will not discolor food, alter taste, conduct heat, or melt. Thanks to its tight grain and pores, beechwood is resistant to warping and cracking. Cleaning is simple; wash with warm water and allow to air dry.