Island Bamboo Sugar Spoon

Island Bamboo Barcode: 096444406799

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This bamboo sugar spoon is made of fast-growing, highly sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is 16 percent harder than maple or oak, naturally anti-microbial, and mold and mildew resistant. The Island Bamboo Sugar Spoon is all-natural color so it brings a modern feel to any table. Pakkawood is an engineered wood and resin composite that makes for a strong and ultra-durable material. It is dense and more water-resistant than its real-wood counterparts. Pakkawood is most notably used in knife handles and kitchen utensils because of these resilient properties and how it holds up to lots of daily wear and tear.

Island Bamboo is a multi-generational family business supporting independent kitchenware and houseware retailers across the United States. They thoughtfully manufacture products you'll be proud to own, and that will inspire you in your kitchen with handcrafted gadgets that are as special as the food you eat.

Dimension: 5 1/4''

Care instructions: Hand wash only

FDA approved

Approved for heat up to 450 degrees