Tima Tea

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Bright orange in color, this energizing tea has a unique character of Rwandan terroir. You will find this black tea as a base for Earl Grey. Sweet, round, nutty notes are balanced by refreshing acidity of high elevation grown Ceylon.  Notes of rich molasses can be detected, naturally sweetening the tea. This is a premium grade OP1 which means we pluck only the top two leaves and they are twisted, leaving the full flavor and health benefits to be enjoyed.

Recommended serving size 2.5 grams. Steep @ 180 degrees for 4 minutes. 1 tin contains 20+ servings.
For an incredible cold steep tea, use 4 grams per serving. Steep in the fridge for 4-5 hours.

Certified Organic. Certified Fair Trade. Certified WBENC.
The purchase of this product helps to support a community of 100,000 people in Rwanda.