Theros Oilve Oil, 500 ml

Theros Olive Oil Barcode: 094922787163

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Over four generations, the Theros family has maintained exquisite olive groves in the Messinian region of Greece. From one branch of the family tree to the next, the Theros groves have produced superior harvests through meticulous care and handling in the old world tradition.

Our extra virgin olive oil is never diluted or commingled with inferior oils. And it is always fresh – we deliver only current-season product to our customers.

Our product is never touched by outside hands – every facet of our production, from caring for our trees to shipping our oil to you, is handled by our family.

As many of our customers have noted, the first time you try our oil, the difference in aroma, appearance, and taste is striking. This is what the experience of true olive oil can and should be.