Mini ProKeeper

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Perfect kitchen organizer for spices, herbs, candy and snacks. New silicone seal creates airtight storage for lasting freshness. The included leveler and sliding dusting screen is removable.

  • Approximate 1.5 cup (354 ml) capacity
  • Holds a standard box of baking soda
  • Hinged lid flips to easily fit in the dishwasher
  • Patent pending 

The Mini Prokeeper set from Progressive is the ideal container set for any garnish or seasoning in your kitchen. These containers are fit with a dynamic dusting screen which allows you to lightly pepper a seasoning on, or you can simply slide the screen back to either pour or scoop out the contents of the container. The silicone band on these containers provides an airtight seal that maintains freshness. These containers are dishwasher safe and the hinged flip-open lid ensures an easy dishwasher fit.

1.5 cup capacity