Microplane Rotary Cheese Grater, White


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  • Original Microplane Cheese Grater Fine Blade: The blade that makes up the cylinder drum is made in USA of surgical grade stainless steel, and has the same ultra-sharp photo-etched technology as Microplane blades. The fine blade is commonly used to grate parmesan and other hard cheeses.
  • Make Nut Flour and Chocolate Sprinkles; The Microplane fine blade can be used to create small amounts of nut flour, grind hard spices, and grate chocolate for garnish. Just put the whole nuts, spices and chocolate pieces into the hopper and turn the crank.
  • No Fussing with Parts! The tool comes apart in 3 pieces to place in the dishwasher, the drum is conical which makes it easy to put back together, because it can only be put together 1 way! No fussing with parts! All plastic is BPA free.
  • Conical Drum increases output! Want to grate cheese fast? The conical drum, forces grated cheese out of the tool, and onto your dish, or into your measuring cup.
  • Left Handers can use! Simple place the food in the hopper, press the hopper closed and hold, turn the tool upside down to crank left handed.