CLEARANCE Flavor Seed Anything With Wings Poultry Rub, Dust, & Seasoning - 2.6 oz

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If it has wings you will want to season it with this. Unlike any other poultry seasoning this versatile blend accentuates the bird with bold salty garlic notes and a floral bouquet of herbs. You will soon want to use it on everything regardless of wings. If meat isn't your thing try this blend on your vegetable medley or your favorite vegetarian protein. In addition to making chicken, quail, turkey (hint add a little Rosemary), or duck taste amazing this seasoning is a favorite addition to scrambled eggs in our house, or as a general salt substitute.

At Flavor Seed we strive to provide you with the freshest, safest, Organic, Non-GMO herb and spice blends available.

Vegan, Certified USDA Organic Certified Kosher Non-GMO Gluten Free Pesticide Free Allergen Free

Contains: No fillers, No by-products, No anti-caking chemicals, No preservatives

All ingredients are Non-irradiated and steam cleaned, listed on the label, and considered Allergen free.

Made in United States of America