Duralex Ovenchef Square Roaster


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Designed for baking brownies, cakes, and cookie bars, this square dish is also an ideal dish to bake a layered casserole or macaroni and cheese for a pot lock dinner.  Described as “shockingly sturdy bakeware” in This Old House magazine, this tempered glass baker is designed to bake casseroles and lasagnas to perfection, bubbling with family favorite flavors. The surface is so smooth that it cleans easily, even when food is baked onto the dish. OVENCHEF range is made from reinforced tempered glass resistant to a thermal shock of 200°C / 392 F temperature differentiation and withstands temperatures between -20°C/ -4 F and 300°C/ 572 F. Mechanical Shock resistant tempered glass, Thermal shock resistant differential of 392 F, Dishwasher safe, Traditional oven, Microwave, and Freezer Safe Hygienic non-porous safe non-cutting glass.