Black Mountain Chocolate Artisan Chocoate Bar - Espresso


Black Mountain Chocolate

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A light dusting of finely ground espresso pairs beautifully with the silky dark chocolate in the Espresso Bar.  Exquisite taste - and a great pick-me-up!  Savor the caffeine and theobromine magic in a most delicious way. 

For the holidays, we are proud to introduce Original Art for our 2.25 oz Original Bars! Reminiscent of vintage postcards, each variety’s box is adorned with its own snapshot of our mascot, Nibs the Bear, as she travels through the Carolinas. Designed by a local artist, five special features of the Carolinas are represented: our peaceful mountains, vibrant city life, rich agricultural industry, exceptional universities, and our serene coastline. They are the perfect components in any local themed gift box! Collect all five.