Staub 10'' Round Double Handle Pure Grill

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Proudly made in France, Staub has been the benchmark for premium cast iron cookware since 1974.The 10" Round Double Handle Pure Griddle is the go-to for buttery pancakes, crispy bacon, and golden grilled cheese. Its signature textured black matte enamel interior boasts exceptional browning and searing while ensuring food doesn't stick. There's no need to season beforehand, so you can get straight to cooking.Thanks to its slim size, the pan's low sides allow for easy flipping while being high enough to prevent juices from spilling. The round shape prevents food from getting stuck in corners.The two secure-grip handles eliminate wrist strain and encourage easy maneuvering even while wearing oven mitts. Like all Staub cookware, it's a cinch to transport the pan from the stovetop to the oven to the table
  • Textured black matte enamel interior ensures exceptional browning
  • Durable cast iron construction boasts incredible heat retention and distribution
  • Raised sides prevent juices from spilling while being low enough for easy flipping
  • Round shape prevents food from getting stuck in corners
  • Colorful enamel finish will not chip, crack or rust
  • Enameled cast iron is easy to clean and doesn't require seasoning, Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 500F
  • Made in France